Siobhan Brade


Member of the New Zealand Veterinary Council Register 
Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 

Siobhan graduated as a veterinarian from the Royal Veterinary College in London, before moving to New Zealand to start a career in small animal practice. 

With animals at her practice regularly traveling to Australia and the UK (amongst other places), Siobhan experienced first hand the complexity faced by both vets and owners taking their pets abroad. She realised there was a need for a bespoke service for pets who travel frequently.

With a sister in the superyacht industry, and an upbringing on the sailing-centric Isle of Wight, UK and Auckland, NZ - providing this bespoke service to pets traveling on superyachts is a perfect combination of Siobhan's love of animals and the sea. 

Although based in the UK at present, she is busy building relationships with government veterinarians and import teams all over the world, so can often be found in far flung locations. During these visits Siobhan also works with local projects that use veterinary medicine to benefit the local community.

With a special interest in exotic diseases, and an in depth understanding of the import process for countries all over the world, Siobhan will be able to guide you on every aspect of your pets journey.




SVS mascot, superyacht spotter and instagram star   

An indispensable member of the Superyacht Vet team, Starla splits her time between playing, distracting other members of the team, sleeping and running the company instagram account. During her time off she enjoys running along the beautiful Isle of Wight coastline. During these runs she keeps a keen eye on the Solent at all times to spot any passing superyachts, when she is not being distracted by a stick or ball. Additional special skills include howling on command, fetching her favourite toy 'sockball', and rocking bandanas. If you think she as adorable as we do, you can follow her and other members of the SVS gang such as Alba, Sooty and Rex on instagram under the name @superyachtdog