The actor Johnny Depp has fallen foul of the Australian biosecurity laws by failing to declare his dogs on arrival into the country. Depp arrived in Australia last month to start filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, bringing his dogs Boo and Pistol with him without completing the necessary import requirements.

Australian biosecurity officials were alerted to the dogs presence after they visited a local grooming parlour. Depp and his wife, Amber Heard have since been issued with an ultimatum - return the dogs to the USA immediately, or have the dogs put to sleep. Australian biosecurity rules are strict (for a reason), and this goes to show that exceptions won't be made, even for the famous. 

However, entry into Australia is possible, and had Depp and his team used Superyacht Veterinary Service, the dogs would have been able to enter Australia easily, and legally - a much more pleasant alternative to the options Pistol and Boo currently face. 

The interview by Australian agricultural minister, Barnaby Joyce, where he suggests the dogs 'bugger off back to the United States' has sparked a run of jokes on social media, including the twitter hashtag #WarOnTerrier.

Next time, Johnny, call Superyacht Veterinary Services!

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