A recent visit to the 'What is Luxury?' exhibition at the V&A Museum in London was an inspiring insight into what we now consider 'luxury' to be. The exhibition stated; 'The question of luxury is ultimately a personal one. Everyone decides for themselves what their luxury could be.’

To Superyacht Veterinary Service, the chance to take your pet with you as you travel the world is the ultimate luxury. Rather than on the personal request of the owner or charterer, this is a luxury that should be offered and encouraged by agents and management teams from the outset, as a way to enhance a client's experience on board a superyacht.

The Oxford dictionary provides three different definition of the noun 'luxury':

1) A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense
2) An inessentialdesirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain
3) A pleasure obtained only rarely

According to these definitions of luxury, having your pet with you fulfils at least two of these definitions. Firstly, having your dog with you provides a great state of comfort that cannot be recreated or replaced by any number of opulent goods. Secondly, dogs and cats, or any pet for that matter, provide a pleasure obtained only rarely. Rarely in the sense of the human-animal bond; it is impossible for any other animal or experience to recreate the relationship someone has with their own pet.

An animal’s unconditional love and positive attitude is infectious to everyone around them, and their presence onboard is something that should be considered as a luxury experience to offer superyacht owners and charter clients.

‘In a busy and intrusive world, people increasingly value time and space for enjoying special moments and extraordinary experiences. Contemporary designers engage with how the availability of time and space, and the quality of time spent, can be seen as luxuries in their own right.' V&A exhibition.

In a world saturated with material goods and experiences, we can become indifferent to the amazing things around us, especially the super wealthy, who are exposed to more scenery, travel and experiences than most. This is human nature. For example, the 50th time you see something not as thrilling as the first, even if we want it to be. This is because something that should shock and awe becomes habitual, due to the fact we are unable to engage with it on a truly personal level.

This is something that never happens with your pet. Do you ever tire of seeing how happy they are to see you in the morning? The unbridled joy they experience out walking? They can turn an ordinary experience into something extraordinary with their infectious enthusiasm. Not only do they provide a happy familiarity that is so often lost with constant travel, they engage 'their humans' in their environment, making something as simple as a walk on beach something unforgettable. Imagine what they can do for an owner’s overall experience on board a superyacht. Every single luxury experience will be enhanced by the presence of their beloved dog or cat.

Therefore, a pets involvement in a trip should now be considered an integral part of the enjoyment of the client, and as such, be seen as a key service to offer. Superyacht Veterinary Service can provide all the support needed to make this happen for a client, from import and export requirements, to veterinary care, to advice on the dogs or cat’s wellbeing on board - just get in touch