When a pet joins you on a superyacht, it is important that both you and they have everything they need for their trip. There are so many pet products out there, and SVS has been doing the hard work for you, testing all the products a superyacht crew or owner might want for their pets. These products range from high-quality pet foods for the dogs who aren’t treated to chef-cooked meals (…and for those who are, we also supply nutritional advice), to water toys, to sympathetically designed beds, nautical collars and leashes. We understand but the quality and the aesthetic needed for any toys or equipment that is going to be aboard a superyacht and the importance of a wholesome and delicious diet. Our favourite food is a slow roasted free range roasted chicken and sweet potato food. Yum.

On the practical side of things, cleaning products that remove stains and don’t damage high quality furnishings are constantly put to the test, as although accidents are uncommon, it is important to know you have the right products to deal with them. Pet shampoos, towels and grooming products (trust us, the furminator is a dog hair-reducing dream) are put through strict quality control tests by the superyacht dogs here at SVS HQ – meaning that we don’t recommend or supply anything that hasn’t first received our seal of approval. Knowing you have the right products makes keep the yacht clean a far easier and faster task. Ask us all about it.