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With the Mediterranean cruising season upon us, many yachts will be sailing to Europe to enjoy the French Riviera and the rest of the Med's stunning coastline. This means that it is time to think about the requirements for animals that will be joining their owners onboard for all or part of the season.

Import requirements still exist for Europe and there is some variability between countries in these regulations. So for yachts travelling to the Med, please get in touch with Superyacht Veterinary Service to talk about import requirements, and the support options we offer.

If you aren't heading to the Med, don't forget we offer support worldwide, and that many countries have far more complicated import regulations than those we are lucky enough to have in Europe. So for smooth sailing with pets in the Caribbean, Pacific and those intrepid sailors going even further, contact us


(Human) first aid training is a basic requirement for crew on a superyacht, but have you ever considered what would happen if faced with an animal emergency, rare as they are? When at sea, some simple skills can make the world of difference in such a situation, and veterinary first aid is something SVS can provide training for. Essential skills include recognising ‘normal’, assessing vitals, being able to report accurately to a vet about the pet’s condition, and keeping them as safe and calm as possible until help arrives. We can talk you through the essentials of a pet first aid kit and the prevention and treatment of common ailments you might come across with seafaring dogs and cats. Contact us for more information. 


The exclusive magazine, Riviera Insider included an amazing feature about Superyacht Veterinary Service in their Monaco edition. It is always exciting for us to talk about the work we do here at the SVS headquarters, and this was no different. I hope that the interview with Riviera Insider will encourage owners to bring their pets along when cruising – knowing that other people are doing it to, and the appropriate support exists for them at every point in their journey. It was published in both their English and German language publications, but if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you can find the full article here.
We also did another little feature with Superyacht Content, as part of their blog covering the do’s and don’t of having pets on board, which you can read by clicking here.

Keeping them Safe at Sea

Alba looking dapper in a well-fitted, high quality life jacket

Alba looking dapper in a well-fitted, high quality life jacket

Have a pet on board is a rewarding experience for owners and crew alike, and ensuring they are safe provides peace of mind for both parties.
Small things can make a big difference. The most essential being the purchase of a high quality, well fitted life jacket (as modelled by Alba in the above photo) and having researched and tested those on the market, SVS can advise and supply you with the best there is. Equally, a pet first aid kit ensures you have everything you need to hand, if needed. Depending on where you are going, and for how long, SVS can provide you with a personalised pet first aid kit that contains all the essentials for veterinary care at sea. This can range from the most basic essentials to a fully comprehensive kit - talk to us about what you need. 

For certain pets, bigger safety features might be needed, such as the addition of railings, dog-appropriate door sensors and modified swim platforms. For new builds, these features might be incorporated from the start, whereas others may be adapted at refit, or for the sole purpose of having a pet on board. We can advise you on what is needed. Pets are a member of the family, and no less consideration should be given to their safety on board than a child’s! 

Food, Glorious Food

When a pet joins you on a superyacht, it is important that both you and they have everything they need for their trip. There are so many pet products out there, and SVS has been doing the hard work for you, testing all the products a superyacht crew or owner might want for their pets. These products range from high-quality pet foods for the dogs who aren’t treated to chef-cooked meals (…and for those who are, we also supply nutritional advice), to water toys, to sympathetically designed beds, nautical collars and leashes. We understand but the quality and the aesthetic needed for any toys or equipment that is going to be aboard a superyacht and the importance of a wholesome and delicious diet. Our favourite food is a slow roasted free range roasted chicken and sweet potato food. Yum.

On the practical side of things, cleaning products that remove stains and don’t damage high quality furnishings are constantly put to the test, as although accidents are uncommon, it is important to know you have the right products to deal with them. Pet shampoos, towels and grooming products (trust us, the furminator is a dog hair-reducing dream) are put through strict quality control tests by the superyacht dogs here at SVS HQ – meaning that we don’t recommend or supply anything that hasn’t first received our seal of approval. Knowing you have the right products makes keep the yacht clean a far easier and faster task. Ask us all about it.