Import and Export support

SVS will take care of everything you will need during the import/export process. We provide all the forms and instructions for import and export, and will talk you through the procedure, answering any questions you may have.

Often, pets travelling on boats don’t ‘fit’ the import model, as they have been many places in a short space of time (something the written regulations don’t account for). Rather than having to face navigating the official regulations yourself, SVS will take care of everything. We will liaise directly with the official government veterinarians, requesting dispensation or individual consideration as needed - ensure the process for import is a smooth one.

Calendar of events

To ensure every treatment is completed, and there are no last-minute panics, we will create a calendar of events for all the treatments, tests, appointments and deadlines for moving from country to country.

This will also keep your pet ‘travel ready’, even if you aren’t planning on travelling abroad with them for the present.

Disease risk analysis

Animals are exposed to different diseases when travelling abroad. This guideline will provide a list of the common diseases your pet may face in the countries you visit, and what can be done to prevent or treat them. 

SUPPLier OF essential items

SVS provides a complete service, including the supply of high end pet foods and other essential items such as animal life jackets, bedding and cleaning supplies. SVS only recommends the very best products that have been tried, tested and approved by the SVS mascots Starla and co. For a full list of products please contact us. Nutritional advice for freshly prepared food and customised meal plans for individual animals are also available. We know that pets have their favourite things, just like us, so we are also very happy to source any specific items you need and get them to you, where ever you are in the world. 

Guide to keeping your pet happy and healthy on board

It is not just diseases that can affect your pet when travelling. We can provide guidelines that ensure the move to the boat is a stress-free one for your dog or cat, and that they stay happy and safe throughout the trip. 

Basic animal first aid training

It is the nature of a superyacht lifestyle to visit beautiful but often remote locations. This can leave you far from medical help, and therefore it is essential to have some basic pet first aid training, and first aid kit to hand. SVS provides training that will allow you to monitor your pet, explain the situation to a remote vet if they become unwell, and do everything to keep your pet out of danger until direct veterinary care can be sought. First aid kits, equipment lists and written instructions are also available. 

List of emergency veterinary clinic and contacts

It gives peace of mind knowing where the nearest veterinary clinics are, wherever you are in the world. SVS will also provide information about the standard of care in each country, and details about specialists (if needed).

Direct veterinary support and treatment*

We highly recommend letting us ‘get to know your pet’. If a vet knows a dog or cat when they are healthy, it is much easier to understand them and treat them if they become sick. Therefore we recommend a minimum of a ‘full clinical exam and check up’ when starting to use our services. Depending on your location, and the facilities available, SVS vet, Dr Brade, is also very happy to perform ongoing check-ups, treatments, vaccinations, and anything else needed to prepare for import/export.

Remote veterinary support

SVS are available by phone 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have about your pets health. If needed, we can come direct to you (as mentioned above), wherever you are in the world.*

Continuity of care worldwide

Should your pet need treatment abroad (either routine treatments as part of the import/export process, or if they are unwell), they may well be seen by a local veterinarian. If this is the case we will liaise with them directly - discussing the treatment and ongoing plan with the vet, to ensure continuity of care.

SVS can create a bespoke package of our services to suit every situation. We also have a number of existing packages, and provide a free initial consultation to discuss what you need and recommend the best plan for you. For information on our existing packages, or a bespoke service, please contact us.  

*Whether direct veterinary treatment can be provided by an SVS vet is location-dependent.