Increasingly, people are travelling with their animals - superyacht owners and charter clients are no exception. having your pet with you as you discover the worlds most beautiful and remote locations makes it all the more special.

Rather than being left at home, the family dog or cat can experience everything you do whilst travelling the world, enhancing the experience for everyone.  However, facilitating this is often a complex process with strict import and export requirements for every country visited. This is particularly the case with pets aboard superyachts - a multi-stop trip can come with a large amount of logistics, regulations, treatments and tests. Often, a long list of criteria must be met, and missing one requirement can mean being denied entry for up to a year. 

Pet owners also need to consider the health and welfare of their animals their safety on board, the different diseases/environments they will be exposed to, and what can be done to prevent them from getting ill. 

The good news is, with forward planning and expert advice, your pet can accompany you almost anywhere in the world. SVS provides a bespoke veterinary and pet travel consultancy to ensure that travelling on and to/from a superyacht with your pet is both a simple and rewarding experience. Superyachts are unique, and so is our service. We understand that travel aboard a superyacht can mean last minute itinerary changes, unexpected health issues, short deadlines - SVS will always maintain an exemplary and professional service throughout.

We have a support option to suit every situation. We always provide a free initial consultation to discuss what is needed, and recommend the best plan. We offer annual packages for clients travelling regularly on superyachts, and ‘one-off’ support for those planning a single trip, such as charter clients. However, we realise that every animal and every boat is different, and so SVS also offers bespoke solutions created to fit your needs perfectly.

Our services include:

·       Import and export support

·       Equipment and pet food supply

·       24 hour remote veterinary support

·       Calendar of veterinary tests and treatments

·       Disease risk analysis

·       Guide to keep your pet happy and healthy on board a superyacht

·       Basic animal first aid and training for crew

·       List of emergency veterinary clinic and contacts

·       Direct veterinary support and treatment

·       Continuity of care between countries

To read more about what we can provide, please visit our services page.